• Automatically locates, identifies, and downloads content you specify. Set it and forget it!!!
  • Keyword searches focus the program on just what you want it to find. You can also specify skip words to identify content you're NOT interested in so it doesn't waste time downloading unwanted files.
  • Advanced media recognition technology that keeps track of every file it's downloaded so it never downloads the same file twice.
  • Dynamically renames files as they are downloaded.
    This makes it easier to identify series of files because they will be grouped when looking at a directory listing.
  • Downloads images, video and audio directly to your hard drive.
    Everything downloaded stays on your hard drive until you delete it. You can use the files whenever you want!
  • Lots of visual feedback to let you know what's happening with your search. Includes search status, download status, image preview, and thumbnails.
  • Saves money on website subscriptions.
    MEDIASnatcher can download 1000's of images and movies for you every day. No membership based website can offer this much daily.
  • Runs without any user intervention. The type of internet connection you have becomes unimportant.
    The process of searching and downloading is done while you are doing other things.
  • Correctly identifies content type even when the target site trys to hide it by reporting it incorrectly!
  • Processes HTML forms and Javascript to find hidden or protected content!
  • Supports seqential file downloads using snatch:// URL handler!
  • Processes FLUX files and downloads all content when encountered during a search!
  • Parses embedded HTML objects to get at inline video files!
  • Custom spoof:// and post:// URL handlers for getting at even more content!
  • Allows you to share your search results with other users via Collection files!
  • Finds even more content through unlinked URLs in the plain text of a web page!
  • Uses custom HTTP transfer control and HTML parser.
    It's not vulerable to the security flaws of the Microsoft components!
  • Has custom cookie handling system to protect your privacy.
  • Will use IE cookies to gain access to previously visited sites if they are available!
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